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Looking for fast, effective relief from sensitivity? Our Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth is clinically proven to alleviate sensitivity within 72 hours. And our mouthwash and dental gel contain natural ingredients known for their antioxidant properties that work to tackle gum sensitivity and the appearance of inflammation. Enjoy the food and drinks you love without fear of discomfort with our products for sensitive teeth.

Collection: Products For Sensitive Teeth

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Clinically Proven Relief

We’ve worked with the dental community for over a decade, developing products for sensitive teeth and oral health by using natural ingredients known to possess powerful antioxidant properties.

The unique natural ingredient in our Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth is Allantoin. It’s found in many plants and is known for its soothing and protective effects. It works in tandem with Fluoride and Potassium Nitrate (a salt compound and natural desensitizing agent that reduces feelings of discomfort) to tackle sensitivity and provide protection from tooth decay. This antioxidant toothpaste was used in a published clinical study, and patients in the study reported relief from sensitivity within 72 hours.

Our Mouthwash For Sensitive Teeth And Gums is perfect for counteracting bad breath and tackling sensitivity. It contains Prickly Ash Bark Extract and Witch Hazel Extract. The former is known to soothe toothaches, while the latter has a long medicinal history of calming inflamed or sensitive gums.

Our Dental Gel is another excellent source of relief from sensitivity and feelings of pain or irritation in your mouth. Cool and refreshing, it contains our patented antioxidant-based formula that includes Phloretin and Ferulic Acid that soothe soft tissue in the oral cavity.

Complete Protection from Sensitivity

For a comprehensive approach to sensitivity and oral hygiene, we recommend our Oral Care System For Sensitive Teeth. It contains our sensitivity toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental gel. Pair it with our LED2 Electric Toothbrush. It can operate at sonic speed to provide a deep clean without hurting your teeth. What’s more, the red LED light feature helps to reduce feelings of sensitivity and discomfort. If you prefer something more gentle that’s eco-friendly, then try our Post-Surgery Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush. The long and soft charcoal bristles are ideal for those with sensitive teeth or experiencing discomfort post-surgery.

Sensitivity and Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening doesn’t have to be painful. Our range of Teeth Whitening Products is designed to ensure minimal sensitivity and optimal oral health - all while boosting the effects of whitening treatments. So you can enjoy a bright and healthy smile.

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Thousands of 5-star reviews!

  • Total health is important to me, so PerioSciences is the only toothpaste and mouth rinse I put into my body.

    - Erin J.

    Austin, TX

  • HALLELUJAH. PerioSciences is the only product I’ve found that works! No more sensitivity and the canker sores are gone! I’m so thankful!

    - Kathy H.

    Fredericksburg, TX

  • Great product! Alcohol free and a great taste. It doesn’t burn your mouth like other mouth rinses.

    - Kristin S.

    Oklahoma City, OK

  • Who knew antioxidants were also important for your teeth. This White Care toothpaste really helped get rid of the discoloration on my teeth caused by coffee.

    - Chidi Y.

    San Jose, CA

  • I got the gel to use after I had teeth pulled. My gums felt great and it was very soothing. You definitely can’t go wrong using this.

    - Becca G.

    McAllen, TX

  • The PerioSciences Sensitive Oral Care System actually improved the overall condition of my gums and sensitivity. I’ve been a faithful user twice a day and it offers rouond-the-clock relief.

    - Kris F.

    Santa Monica, CA

  • The Sensitive toothpaste is much better than Sensodine. The taste is pleasant and the paste is not chalky.A tube lasts a long time.

    - Javier R.

    Seattle, WA

  • Excellent products! They were recommended by my dentist.

    - Brittany C.

    Bainbridge, WA


+ What products to use for sensitive teeth?
+ How to stop sensitive teeth pain after whitening?

Teeth whitening is known to cause teeth sensitivity. This is because whitening treatments use carbamide peroxide, which breaks down organic compounds staining your teeth but has the side-effect of burning your gum tissue and causing teeth sensitivity. To counter this, you can use Teeth Whitening Pre-Treatment and our Whitening Oral Care System. Both have been developed using natural ingredients known for their antioxidant properties that work to protect your teeth and mitigate feelings of sensitivity induced by whitening treatments.