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Gingivitis or inflammation of the gums affects up to 60% of young adults and 90% of older adults. This shows why it’s so important to take care of your teeth and your gums. Our products for gum health do exactly that. Recommended by dentists, they offer a novel approach to oral care, using natural ingredients known to have antioxidant and antibacterial properties that work to keep your teeth strong and your gums happy and healthy.

Collection: Products For Gum Health

A unique science-backed approach to oral care

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Maintaining Happy, Healthy Gums

Our products for gum health are the result of over a decade of research and consultation with the dentist community, and are specially formulated to promote good gum health.

If you have burnt the roof of your mouth or are experiencing a feeling of a dry mouth or irritated gums, then try our Dental Gel. Cool and flavorful, it uses a combination of our patented antioxidant formula with Xylitol and essential oils to soothe your mouth and nourish oral soft tissue with antioxidants.

Or you can explore our range of Oral Care Systems, developed to promote good gum health while targeting specific oral issues. Each system contains mouthwash, toothpaste, and dental gel.

The products in our Hydrating Oral Care System contain unique ingredients including Prickly Ash Bark and Cone Flower Extract that support moisture retention to tackle feelings of dryness. If you’re experiencing feelings of sensitivity, possibly from receding gums, then you may want to try our Oral Care System For Sensitive Teeth. The Fluoride and Potassium Nitrate toothpaste in this system is clinically proven to reduce sensitivity in 72 hours. Our Whitening Oral Care System is designed to maximize teeth whitening benefits, and contains Hesperetin to sooth gum inflammation caused by whitening treatments. And if you prefer an oral care approach that’s free of harsh chemicals and gentle on your gums and teeth, then our Natural Oral Care System is perfect for you. Antioxidant Green Tea Catechins work to gently clean your teeth and neutralize compounds that cause bad breath.

Take It From The Pros

  • Dr. M. Crofcheck

    "I conduct many periodontal procedures each year. I recommend the PerioSciences products to all my patients as an important component of their home care regimen."

    - Dr. M. Crofcheck


    Houston, TX

  • Dr. S. John

    "Our post-op patients need time to heal and a good after care regimen. When they use AO ProVantage, their soft tissues instantly feel soothed/quickly feel much better."

    - Dr. S. John


    San Mateo, CA

  • Dr. J. Kim

    "The use of antioxidants to enhance and accelerate healing immediately after surgery is a new standard of care."

    - Dr. J. Kim


    Diamond Bar, CA

  • quote

    "I have recommended the AO Gel to my post-surgical patients for more than 5 years. Patients love the refreshing soothing effects when they use it as part of their home care/after care oral hygiene regimen."

    - Dr. E. Allen


    Dallas, TX

  • quote

    "PerioSciences is a part of my patients post-surgical protocol. All patients, even the healthiest ones, benefit from the soothing properties of PerioSciences gel, no matter what the condition."

    - Dr. D. Yu


    Austin, TX

  • quote

    "Topically applied antioxidants in AO ProVantage gel are known for their anti-inflammatory effects.* It is my go-to recommendation to support patient's healing after all periodontal procedures." *shown in laboratory studies

    - Dr. S. Low


    Gainesville, FL

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+ How can I make my gums healthy again?
+ What is the best toothpaste for bleeding gums?

The best toothpaste for bleeding gums is one developed to thoroughly clean your teeth and promote good gum health. For example, our Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth contains Fluoride and Potassium Nitrate to gently clean and strengthen teeth, and soothe and calm sensitivity in the mouth. It’s clinically proven to reduce sensitivity in 72 hours. It’s worth knowing, what do bleeding gums mean? There are many causes, though typically it’s because of gingivitis or periodontal disease. Gingivitis is a gum disease that occurs when plaque stays on the gums for too long. And periodontitis is an advanced stage of gingivitis as a result of tartar buildup. The treatment for gingivitis is to practice good oral health to remove plaque. Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day and use dental floss once a day. If the bleeding persists, consult a dentist as soon as you can.