Not all toothpastes are created equal. Our Natural paste provides maximum cleaning power without harsh chemicals. Loaded with plant-based cleaning and polishing agents to gently remove stains and thoroughly clean while removing unhealthy build-up with brushing. Free of alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, and artificial sweeteners.

*Active ingredient: flouride free.

* Toothpaste is mint-flavored.

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Key Ingredients


Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG)

Ferulic Acid


An antioxidant derived from apples that inhibit destructive enzymes.

Ferulic Acid

Effective antioxidants found in seeds and leaves like wheat, rice, and oats.

Epigallocatechin Gallate(EGCG)

Sourced from green tea, EGCG is the moment potent catechin. It fights odor and prevents plaque and the development and gingivitis.

Menthol Peppermint Oil

Menthol Peppermint Oil imparts a cooling, soothing effect and contains antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Perilla Ocymoides Extract

Perilla is an herb from Asia with many applications. Mainly as an anti-inflammatory and antibacteral agent.


Chamomile is rich in flavonoids and known to soothe when used topically.

Hippophae Rhamnoides(Seabuckthorn)

Seabuckthorn’s bright orange berry has 12x the amount of Vitamin C of an orange and more than 190 bioactive nutrients.


Hydroxyapatite has a strong affinity with the human body and has been shown to improve tooth color.


Plasdone is a non-oxidative, non-peroxide, and non-abrasive ingredient that improves teeth brightness and removes stains from tea, coffee, and red wine.

People Love Us

“I have tried everything for my tooth sensitivity. PerioSciences AO Pro Toothpaste Sensitive is the only product that has brough...

- Sara B. Dallas, Texas

“My dentist suggested I use the White Care System because I whiten my teeth.I love how it soothes my gums.”

- Alyce W. Portalnd, MA

“The Hydrating Oral Care System is the only group of products I am using after chemotherapy.”

- Jacob T. Tacoma, WA

“The Natural Oral Care System has natural ingredients that are designed for those who have trouble with regular toothpaste and m...

- Dave S. Asheville, NC

Thousands of 5 Star Reviews

  • Total health is important to me, so PerioSciences is the only toothpaste and mouth rinse I put into my body.

    - Erin

  • HALLELUJAH. I don’t know how else to put it. I’ve suffered from chronic canker sores for 20+ years. This is the only thing I’ve found that appears to PREVENT canker sores. This has improved my quality of life in so many ways. It’s hard to put my gratitude into words.

    - Kathy

  • Great product! Alcohol free and a great taste. It doesn’t burn your mouth like other mouth rinses.

    - Kristin

  • Who knew antioxidants were also important for your teeth. This White Care toothpaste really helped get rid of the discoloration on my teeth caused by coffee.

    - Chidi

  • I got the gel to use after I had teeth pulled. My gums felt great and it was very soothing. You definitely can’t go wrong using this.

    - Becca

  • The PerioSciences Sensitive Oral Care System actually improved the overall condition of my gums and sensitivity. I’ve been a faithful user twice a day and it offers rouond-the-clock relief.

    - Kris

  • The Sensitive toothpaste is much better than Sensodine. The taste is pleasant and the paste is not chalky.
    A tube lasts a long time.

    - Javier

  • Excellent products! They were recommended by my dentist.

    - Brittany