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Brighter teeth, for longer. Our teeth whitening products are specially formulated to whiten teeth with minimum sensitivity, while our white care line maintains and even boosts whitening treatments. Designed to be gentle yet effective, they soothe your teeth and gums before and after treatments – for zing-free results! Discover a dazzling smile with our teeth whitening products.

Collection: Teeth Whitening Products

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A novel approach to teeth whitening

Our teeth whitening products combine potassium nitrate with carbamide peroxide. The former is for teeth sensitivity, and the latter is the gold standard for teeth whitening. Its whitening effect is further enhanced by the use of blue and red LED light – for teeth that will appear brighter almost immediately! To minimize tooth sensitivity, our teeth whitening products contain a low yet highly effective concentration of potassium nitrate. But if you are particularly sensitive to teeth whitening, try our pre-treatment routine to further reduce tooth sensitivity. For the complete package, combine our LED2 teeth whitening system with our post-whitening oral care system for maximum oral health and your brightest smile. Enjoy free domestic shipping and a 10% discount on your first order. Plus, if you subscribe, you'll receive a 15% discount on all future orders.

Maintaining the effects of teeth whitening treatments

Our post-teeth whitening products are designed to boost whitening treatments to last longer. They contain ingredients known to have antibacterial and antioxidant properties to provide a natural approach to soothing your teeth and gums after teeth whitening.

To better maintain your brighter smile, try our post-whitening oral care system, formulated to enhance teeth whitening by lifting stains, polishing teeth, and freshening breath. Free of alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, and artificial sweeteners, it contains powerful antioxidants like phloretin and ferulic acid that support and nourish your oral tissue.

Our post-whitening toothpaste gently polishes and thoroughly cleans surface stains while removing unhealthy build-up, helping you keep your teeth whiter for longer. Follow it up with our post-whitening mouthwash that soothes oral tissues after whitening procedures, freshens breath, and boosts whitening treatments to last longer.

Why use pre- and post-whitening treatments?

A key ingredient in whitening treatments is carbamide peroxide. The way it works is that, upon coming into contact with your teeth, it releases free radicals that break down organic compounds staining the surface of your teeth. While this helps to whiten your teeth, it has the unfortunate side-effect of burning your gums and causing teeth sensitivity.

And that’s where our pre- and post-whitening treatments are so helpful. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals. Our teeth whitening pre-treatment and our post-whitening oral care system are specially formulated and contain powerful antioxidants – like phloretin and ferulic acid – that put a stop to pain or sensitivity induced by free radicals.

Our post-whitening maintenance products not only extend the effects of whitening treatments, they also soothe and refresh your mouth.

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  • Total health is important to me, so PerioSciences is the only toothpaste and mouth rinse I put into my body.

    - Erin J.

    Austin, TX

  • HALLELUJAH. PerioSciences is the only product I’ve found that works! No more sensitivity and the canker sores are gone! I’m so thankful!

    - Kathy H.

    Fredericksburg, TX

  • Great product! Alcohol free and a great taste. It doesn’t burn your mouth like other mouth rinses.

    - Kristin S.

    Oklahoma City, OK

  • Who knew antioxidants were also important for your teeth. This White Care toothpaste really helped get rid of the discoloration on my teeth caused by coffee.

    - Chidi Y.

    San Jose, CA

  • I got the gel to use after I had teeth pulled. My gums felt great and it was very soothing. You definitely can’t go wrong using this.

    - Becca G.

    McAllen, TX

  • The PerioSciences Sensitive Oral Care System actually improved the overall condition of my gums and sensitivity. I’ve been a faithful user twice a day and it offers rouond-the-clock relief.

    - Kris F.

    Santa Monica, CA

  • The Sensitive toothpaste is much better than Sensodine. The taste is pleasant and the paste is not chalky.A tube lasts a long time.

    - Javier R.

    Seattle, WA

  • Excellent products! They were recommended by my dentist.

    - Brittany C.

    Bainbridge, WA


+ What do dentists recommend to whiten teeth?
+ Can yellow teeth become white?

Are yellow teeth bad? Not necessarily, no. Teeth naturally have a whitish yellow tint – this is because the layer under the enamel is yellow. That being said, teeth can become darker yellow as a result of various factors, such as diet, smoking, and poor oral hygiene. There are plenty of ways by which you can get rid of excessively yellow teeth. You can visit the dentist to ask about whitening treatment, or you can try dentist-recommended teeth whitening products such as our whitening kit.

+ Why do my teeth hurt after a whitening treatment?

The key ingredient in teeth whitening treatments is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The higher the concentration, the quicker the whitening action. However, high concentrations cause greater pain and sensitivity in your teeth and gums. The highest concentration peroxide gels are found in dental clinics, and require a rubber dam to protect the soft tissue of your mouth from the gel. This is why our whitening kits contain lower, yet still effective, concentrations of carbamide peroxide, along with potassium nitrate for teeth sensitivity. If you are experiencing discomfort after a teeth-whitening treatment, we recommend our clinically proven sensitive toothpaste, or our post-whitening oral care system to alleviate your symptoms.