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Lift your smile, and your spirits, with our dental toothbrushes. They’re designed to gently yet effectively clean your mouth and keep you feeling fresh and confident. Choose between our eco-friendly Post-Surgery Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush and our new and versatile LED2 Electric Toothbrush. Remember to pair them with one of our antioxidant toothpastes to achieve your best possible smile!

Collection: Toothbrushes

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Choose the best dental toothbrush for you

Begin your journey towards a happier, healthier smile with our dental toothbrushes.

Our Post-Surgery Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush has long and extra soft charcoal bristles that clean your mouth without hurting your teeth and gums. Perfect for post-oral surgery, it also happens to be eco-friendly, BPA-free, plant-based, and contains zero plastic.

Or take your oral care to the next level with our new LED2 Electric Toothbrush. Capable of operating at sonic speed between 34,000 to 39,000 brush strokes per minute, it’s 10 times faster than other electric toothbrushes. It’s remarkably effective at cleaning teeth, but not so strong that it hurts your mouth. And with four unique brushing modes – clean, sensitive, polish, and white – you can customize your brushing experience to your liking.

You can also pick up replacement LED2 Electric Toothbrush Heads. With blue and red LED light technology, they work in sync with our LED2 Electric Toothbrush to keep your teeth looking and feeling pristine!

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Thousands of 5 Star Reviews

  • Total health is important to me, so PerioSciences is the only toothpaste and mouth rinse I put into my body.

    - Erin J.

    Austin, TX

  • HALLELUJAH. PerioSciences is the only product I’ve found that works! No more sensitivity and the canker sores are gone! I’m so thankful!

    - Kathy H.

    Fredericksburg, TX

  • Great product! Alcohol free and a great taste. It doesn’t burn your mouth like other mouth rinses.

    - Kristin S.

    Oklahoma City, OK

  • Who knew antioxidants were also important for your teeth. This White Care toothpaste really helped get rid of the discoloration on my teeth caused by coffee.

    - Chidi Y.

    San Jose, CA

  • I got the gel to use after I had teeth pulled. My gums felt great and it was very soothing. You definitely can’t go wrong using this.

    - Becca G.

    McAllen, TX.

  • The PerioSciences Sensitive Oral Care System actually improved the overall condition of my gums and sensitivity. I’ve been a faithful user twice a day and it offers rouond-the-clock relief.

    - Kris F.

    Santa Monica, CA

  • The Sensitive toothpaste is much better than Sensodine. The taste is pleasant and the paste is not chalky.A tube lasts a long time.

    - Javier R.

    Seattle, WA

  • Excellent products! They were recommended by my dentist.

    - Brittany C.

    Bainbridge, WA


+ What type of toothbrush bristles are best for my teeth?
+ How often should I replace my toothbrush?

In order to maintain good oral hygiene, you should replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head every 3 months, or once the bristles are frayed and worn.