Ultimate Self Care Guide Gift: 15 Great Gifts for People Who Need Love

Ultimate Self Care Guide Gift: 15 Great Gifts for People Who Need Love

Published 02/11/2021

Last Reviewed 20/03/2024

Gifts that make self-care easy are the best.

Everybody loves a gift that keeps on giving, and self-care gifts do just that. Gifts that center around self-love tend to be both functional and aesthetic—and that’s why they make great gifts for anyone.

If you’re stumped on what to buy your family or friends this holiday season (or you’re looking for a self care Sunday gift for someone you don’t know that well), this ultimate list of self-care gifts is exactly what you need right now.

A Chic Pair of Sunglasses

Imagine rays of sunshine on your skin, the smell of fresh air, and leaves rustling in the blowing wind. Spending time outside is a great way to show some self-love, and a walk in the sun is a whole lot better with some fashionable protective eyewear.

Goop Sunglasses

Get The Crasher Sunglasses for a friend who needs to spend some more time outside. If you want to make this a gift bundle, consider adding some sunscreen or bug repellent.

Activewear for Any Occasion

Adding more activity to your life is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your health—but lifestyle changes can be hard!

Jessica Simpson Activewear - Self Care Gift #2

Luckily, you can help a friend out by gifting them Jessica Simpson Activewear. Having appropriate clothes to go on a hike or visit the gym can instill comfort and confidence. And, it makes self-love a whole lot easier.

This Amazing Bubble Bath

If your friend lives in a home with a tub, they’ll appreciate these Honest Bubble Bath products. A hot bath is a wonderful time for quiet reflection and rejuvenation—and hot baths burn calories, so they support weight loss, too!

Honest Bubble Bath - Self Care Gift #3

Honest Bubble Bath creates nourishing products that leave skin soft, clean, and hydrated, and they even have products for sensitive skin. As a bonus, this self-care gift is perfect if you’re on a budget.

This Complete Wind-Down Kit

For family, friends, or acquaintances who rave about the joy of bathing, this wind-down kit from maude is a must-have for their self-love collection.

Wind Down Kit - Self Care Gift #4

The wind-down kit comes with four items:

  • a body and bath oil that can be used for massages and daily hydration
  • a gentle and soothing body wash with essential vitamins that doubles as a bubble bath
  • your choice of bath salt crystals or a coconut milk bath powder
  • a limited edition neoprene carrier

The Fleurshadow Candle by Boy Smells

Boy Smells offers a wide variety of scented products for everyone (not just boys). And their Fleurshadow candle is one product that everyone (and I mean everyone) will truly love.

Fleurshadow Candle - Self Care Gift #5

With grounding scents of wild geranium, violet, and rose, this floral candle also boasts a bit of spice with hints of pink peppercorn, incense, patchouli, and papyrus. This candle is great for anyone who wants to make their space smell amazing, meditate over a flame, or take a bath by candlelight.

“Make Your Matcha” Kit

This adorable matcha kit allows anyone to have an instant latte. It contains a container of pure matcha, plus a bamboo matcha whisk.

Make Matcha Kit - Self Love Gift #6

Whether your loved one prefers hot or iced matcha lattes, they’ll be able to start their morning off right with this delicious self-care gift.

A Wine Subscription That Keeps on Giving

Now, if your loved one is into drinks that really make them feel something, a gift card from Winc is the ultimate self-love gift.

Winc Wine Subscription - Self Love Gift #8

Winc is an online wine-subscription service that delivers four bottles of hand-picked wine for your unique tastes to your door every month. To get to know you (or your friend) better, they’ll have you complete a quick quiz to learn about your palette.

This Blissful Foot Spa with Heat

The HoMedics Foot Spa is the perfect gift for people who spend a long time on their feet. A quick soak in this spa and anyone will feel the love.

HoMedics Foot Spa - Self Care Gift #8

This foot spa features a relaxing water massage for ultimate relief. It also has a heat boost, so you can soak as long as you need to without the water getting cold. And, it comes with three attachments—a pumice stone, a massage roller, and a cleaning brush.

A Book About Self-Love

Making time for self-care in your daily routine can be really hard—especially if you’ve never done it before. For friends who are new to self-love, this interactive workbook on self-compassion is a great place to start.

Self Love Workbook - Self Care Gift #8

If this isn’t giving the gift of love, then I don’t know what is.

And if your friend isn’t a reader, don’t count this out. You can also gift this audiobook about overcoming self-limiting beliefs and living a happier life.

Give the Gift of a Good Meal

Cooking a truly great meal is no small task. Between going to the store, prepping ingredients, waiting for the food to cook, learning what not to do when cooking, washing the dishes, and cleaning the kitchen, you spend hardly any time actually eating.

Easy Meals - Self Care Gift #10

So, if you truly want to show some love, put in the work, and give the gift of self-care, help them cook one of these easy, healthy, and filling meals.

Help Them Drink More Water

For some people, drinking enough water comes naturally. But for others, staying hydrated is an uphill battle that never ends.

Motivational Water Bottle - Self Care Gift #11

People who need (and want) to drink more water will appreciate these oversized water bottles. Not only do they carry a lot of water, but they also help you keep track of how many ounces of water you drank (and how much you still need to drink to get to your 64 oz).

Accessories for Better Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is a game-changer. That’s why gifts that improve sleep are always great.

Sleepphones - Self Care Gift #12

Soft, comfortable sleepwear is a basic go-to option that anyone will love, and these cozy headphones designed for sleeping are an incredible gift for people who are a bit harder to impress.

Bring the Spa Home with a Massage

With this Staycation home spa gift set and a Trumedic massager, you can gift a simple and serene at-home massage to anyone.

Back Massager - Self Love Gift #13

The Staycation gift set is perfect for anyone who seriously needs to relax—but won’t treat themselves to a massage. It’s also great for friends who are addicted to massages and spas.

Show the Love with This Picnic Setup

Self-love comes in many forms, and picnics combine nature and food (which are two of the best paths to self-care).

Picnic Basket - Self Love Gift #14

This picnic set includes a cooler bag and a snack table that holds a bottle of wine and four glasses. To complete the gift, you could also give them a nice picnic blanket. And you get bonus points if the blanket is meaningful or handmade!

A Periosciences Smile Care Kit

At Periosciences, we know just how vital oral care is to your overall health—but most people don’t realize how important oral hygiene is when it comes to self-care!

Improper oral care can lead to issues in the mouth, like infection, decay, and disease. And, when your mouth is overrun with bacteria, the rest of your body is likely to suffer.

Smile Care Kit - Self Love Gift #15

Our Smile Care System makes a great self-care gift for anyone because everyone has teeth they need to care for. In this kit, you’ll find an antioxidant-based toothpaste, a gentle oral rinse, and a dental gel that you can use daily.

Final Thoughts: Gifts for Self-Care Sunday and More

Whether you’re shopping for a self-care birthday gift or a gift for the holidays, all of the items on this self-love gift guide make amazing presents. But, if you want a round of the top self-care gifts, here they are.

 Help a friend out with hygiene by giving them:

 Give gifts that assist in basic needs, like:

 Or just help them relax with: