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Creating new trends in oral care

Management's successful background with topical antioxidants puts us in the unique position to bring innovative products to the oral care market.

Patient-focused benefits

Some oral care products are designed around a certain feature or function: anti-cavity, whitening, anti-bacterial, and so on. The PerioSciences strategy is to develop products that meet the needs of patients, and provide a combination of benefits for their condition. Smokers want ingredients for breath-freshening and for counteracting the negative effects of nicotine. Health-minded people want the most advanced products available for maximizing their oral and systemic health. Some patients want ingredients that can relieve dry mouth or taste changes due to medication. People with serious oral diseases want high-powered products that address infection and inflammation but are also soothing and pleasant to use.
The PerioSciences commitment is to develop products that focus on comprehensive oral care benefits for patients.
Man smiles in dental chair after having his teeth cleaned with AO ProToothpaste